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  1. I am a returning customer and I am very interested in your gas ram. However, there are no details or specifications on the gas ram. I would like to know the following, before I make the purchase.
    1. Total length of the gas ram
    2. Length of gas ram rod
    3. OD of the gas ram cylinder and rod
    4. Built in pressure in psi or kg.
    I am looking forward to your reply.

      1. I have a Benjamin Trail NP Allweather in 0.22. I find the nitro piston quite weak. The cocking effort is only 30 lbs and at 30 metres out the POI shifts more than an inch down. I have 2 other nitro pistons bought from Crosman and they are filled with the same internal pressure.
        I will list out the dimensions of my NP here:
        1. Total length = 263 mm
        2. Rod length = 11 mm
        3. Cylinder OD = 19mm
        4 Rod OD = 10 mm (8 mm is ideal)
        5. Perhaps the built-in pressure is less than 50 kg. (I have no means to measure it but just an estimate)
        If your gas ram fits the dimensions and has a pressure of more than 60 kg, I will order one.

      2. Under this circumstances, if pressure is more than 50 the cylinder will blast.

  2. I don’t believe so. I have 3 units of vortex gas pistons from Hatsan and everyone of them is charged with 100 bar of pressure. The trouble with these gas rams is they are made only to fit Hatsan airguns. Moreover, they can be repaired and adjusted for different pressure using a Hatsan filling probe with a scuba or pcp pump….very neat.

    So, from your reply, I believe you do not have what I want. Anyway, thank you for your replies.

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