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Tuning HW30s or R7 Part- I Dis-assembly

After the receiver removed from the furniture these are the list of job you got to do. Just follow the Picture tutorial.

To remove the dowel pin, make sure you are using wooden hammer or plastic hammer like the one is visible in the picture.

Congratulation. You have completed a difficult task.

Next: In Part – II will discuss about what to clean.


Reason to change Spring guide for HW30

This is what you usually cannot see with naked eyes.

In the picture below, you see on the original (OEM) spring guide hof HW30 showing some bucking.

The reason is very simple. The OEM spring guide is way below the required OD size for the spring.

Secondly, the Material that used for the guide is not strong enough to hold the power of the spring.


This picture shows the custom made spring guide.

No bucking observed. Alignment of the tophat is not inline with the guide thus the little difference you see down there.