Diana 34 -T06 TUNING -Part 1

You must follow this before buying Diana34 TTI piston from us.

We are trying to make Diana 34 from good to an excellent.

So lets find the improvement areas.

P1030039To the above picture, we want you to understand and watch it closely as this cocking shoe pays a vital role for smooth cocking. This is the reason why Weihrauch or AirArm makes separate cocking shoe for their airguns.


In this picture, this curve looks to be better and we’ll see series of picture where we’ll understand the improvement that can be done.


In this picture, we can see the there is some noticeable sharpness which could be a reason for problem.

P1030055-copyHere you can see the cocking shoe not seating on the piston properly and the edges of the cocking shoe is clearly not allowing it to seat properly.


P1030060-CopyA much better picture to understand that.

Next part, we’ll grind the extra part in order to make the cocking shoe seat properly.

By doing that, we’ll get two benefit.

1) while cocking, the cocking shoe can seat properly on the Spring’s outer diameter therefore you will get less friction and sound while cocking the gun.

2) If you insert any shim inside the piston, there is a less chance that the shim cuts off over the time.




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