Tunekit for Gamo ATS or Plastic Trigger

Other than the huge difference between the spring and the spring guide you also have noticed that the guide is very loosely fitted with the trigger block and hence the guide having some lateral movement or Oscillation.

So we have decided to do something that addresses the both. Also also it will address issue of getting the spring entering soothingly inside the piston.

You can buy this product from here:


Typically two parts

Typically two parts. The spring guide and a plastic support

The other end of the guide seats into the trigger block properly and the plastic support secure the guide with the trigger block to eliminate movement if any.

Now by looking at the picture you should have been convinced how steady the guide is.

we have decided to reduce the size of the tophat and increase the length of the guide for better action. You will be amazed with the smoothness. The original plastic guide shown beside to let you understand the difference.

And finally this is what they look like after fittings.

Hope you enjoyed the blog.

Please ask questions if you have any queries 🙂

One response

  1. I have the Whisper Fusion Pro with the 33mm chamber size. What do you offer or recommend for tuning it? I am looking for a spring, seals, piston or whatever else you can recommend

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