Tuning Weihrauch HW98 or Beeman R10

Old vintage rifle. Very nice weight.  HW95 or R9 is lighter than this one. Very harsh shooting. But when checked it on chrono, interestingly the velocity consistency is excellent.

Here is the 10 shot string of two different pellets:

Crosman Premier 7.9 gr:

911, 911, 908, 904, 917, 922, 921, 921, 923, 929,

Ave: 917  ; ME:  14.75 fpe

SD: 8

H&N Baracuda 10.65 gr

745, 765, 765,  753, 746, 773, 755, 755, 749, 754,

Ave: 756 ; ME: 13.5 fpe


2 responses

  1. i orderd a spring and have not recieved it yet, how did you send it so i can track it down

    1. This is not the correct place for this kind of query. You can use the email facilities from target-tune’s shopping site so we can quickly answer you.Anyway, we found your order no from your email ID and sent a mail.

      Hope to have technical query or contribution from your side over here in near future.

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